The Nike SPARQ Sensory Performance Improves Visual Information Processing

 - Nov 21, 2011
References: 4-traders & hypebeast
There is so much technology out there to help people become better athletes that purchasing products like the Nike SPARQ Sensory Performance seem like a no brainer. Unlike some products out there, this visor doesn't actually tamper with someone's innate abilities. Instead, it simply works to enhance them.

Recently unveiled, the Nike SPARQ Sensory Performance enhances the wearer's visual sense through special tools. These include the Nike SPARQ Sensory Station, which provides a touch screen that test's the person's initial abilities, creating a tailor-made program to improve them. The eyewear then helps the wearer to pick up subtle motion cues, increase visual information processing and improve proper timing of motion. Paired with the Training Stations, these athletes will be unstoppable.