Mercedes-Benz DICE Concept Detects Hand Motions

 - Jan 15, 2012
References: autoblog & designbuzz
If you're looking for the future of car interiors, the Mercedes-Benz DICE concept may just be it. The DICE (Dynamic & Intuitive Control Experience) concept is a customizable dashboard that is fully controlled through your hand motions.

Comprising proximity sensors that detect your gestures, the Mercedes-Benz DICE concept allows you to control -- by scrolling, selecting and more -- different functions such as your car's music player and navigation. Further, with the Mercedes-Benz DICE dashboard, you can get more information about where you are, such as nearby establishments and points of interest.

So far, however, the Mercedes-Benz DICE dashboard is still just a concept and Mercedes has a few kinks to work out. For one thing, the dashboard can't always determine whether you are gesturing to control something or simply waving your hand. A Mercedes exec stated that the DICE dashboard won't be available for use in vehicles for another 20 years or so.