AB/CD/CD's 'On Hold' Captivates Through Repetition

 - Mar 8, 2012
References: abcdcd & nowness
What starts as a close up of someone walking up stairs quickly develops into a vibrantly rhythmic and stylishly repetitive experiment with visuals and sound in Parisian filmmakers AB/CD/CD's 'On Hold' short video. Composed of looping clips, each centering around a different action, the montage is synchronized to electric act Factory Floor's song 'Real Love,' resulting in a compelling journey centering around the collaboration between visual and auditory stimulus.

What makes AB/CD/CD's On Hold such a captivating experience is not only the complementary juxtaposition between sight and sound, but also the escalating emotional content as the dynamics of the actions become more aggressive. Progressing from a tennis player to heated lovers to a violent criminal, the interwoven visual cycles in AB/CD/CD's On Hold extracts moments from separate stories and coalesces them into one poetic narrative episode.