- Sep 21, 2012
These rad Ranya Mordanova photoshoots assembled some of the best of the Russian models latest appearances. The Ford Model and Premier Model Management member has become a quick go-to for Metal Magazine, Vogue Turkey and Marie Claire where she has worked with photography giants like Tung Walsh and Carter Smith.

Blunt bob fashion and tattoeed punk princess styles have been confidently rocked by Mordanova. The brunette beauty has also been a key member of runway shows, debuting lines from the houses of Patrik Ervell, Marc Jacobs and Jen Kao at New York and Paris Fashion Weeks.

There isn't much territory that Mordanova hasn't covered, especially given her past association with Barcelona's Traffic Models and Tokyo's Bravo Models. And yet, there is still much more of the avant-garde to be seen in the young woman.

From Blunt Bob Fashion to Tattooed Punk Princesses: