Kaohsiung Music Center is an Effervescent Artistic Environment

 - Sep 6, 2011
References: suckerpunchdaily
The designers of the Kaohsiung Music Center were interested in providing an inspirational situation for the production and sharing of the auditory art. With much the same imaginative consideration that gallery proposals are afforded, this project encourages the creative to thrive.

The sentiment expressed in the brief of the assignment suggests that musicians will soon be drawn to a more multi-sensory experience when composing their work, and that this would include an innovatory visual setting and a dynamic social situation that can facilitate the cross-pollination of ideas. The hovering balloon buildings accomplish this by providing recording studios, exhibits and cafes where different artists can mingle at the merging of adjacent bubbles. Jake Gay, John Clark and Taka Shinomoto even devised a plan to expand the globules as acoustic and sheltering features above outdoor concert stages.