Heinz Turbo Toaster

 - Dec 19, 2007
References: cowpr
Heinz, the company famous for their canned baked beans, have launched a Turbo Toaster that can brown bread in just 50 seconds. Traditional toasters run a current through parallel metal wires or bars that take time to heat up and cool down. This bad boy turbo toaster, on the other hand, has a giant fan on its side which sucks in air which is then heated by the metal elements and blasted at the bread. Easy.

Oliver Newberry, designed the toaster on Heinz's behalf, and it is yet undecided if it will go into production.

"The design came out of sheer frustration that by the time the toast is ready, my beans have gone cold," Newberry said.

"I've been fine-tuning the toaster's speedy components to enable the design to produce the perfect toast in a quick and efficient way. I'm absolutely chuffed with the results."