Exotic Goods Online

 - Oct 19, 2007   Updated: Aug 4 2011
References: mentalfloss & wired
Thanks to the Internet, the rare and exotic is just a mouse click away, and canned food is no exception.

From the merely curious, like Canned Whole Chicken, to local specialties like Classic Scottish Haggis, to the repulsive, such as boiled three-week-old fertilized duck egg eaten straight out of the shell (a Filipino favorite), jellied eels (England) and stewed and seasoned silkworm treats (Korea), there is something to disgust everyone.

Implications - In honor of all those people who enjoy chowing down on really weird food all over the world, this collection of unusual foods was made for your enjoying, and to satisfy your bizarre appetites! You really do have to be pretty fearless to consume some of these unusual meals!