From Pizza Vending Machines to Lamps in Pizza Boxes

 - Nov 9, 2011
With so many toppings and combinations available, it's hard to resist having a slice or two, and these incredible pizza innovations make the mouth-watering meal even more amazing.

You would think that pizza is a food you can rely on to be the same every time you eat it, but these incredible pizza innovations definitely paint a picture of ample experimentation with the tasty pie. With everything from vending machines that dispense pizzas to ovens that make the delicious slices in your car, it's clear that the cravings just can't stop.

Check out these incredible pizza innovations for some ideas on how to make your next slice the most daring and delicious you've ever had.

Implications - Modern consumers are looking for ways to make reliable foods more enjoyable by experimenting with new things. Companies could take this into account when attempting to increase their brand following.