Domino's Online Pizza Tracking Service

 - Jan 31, 2008
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The competition between Domino's and Pizza Hut has taken another twist, as Domino's has recently introduced an on-line pizza tracking service. Now you will be able to track your fast-food from the moment you place your order.

Domino's is trying to deal a virtual blow to their rivals with Pizza Tracker, as their customers will be able to check on-line to find out if their pizza is in the oven, in its box, or has just left the building (as from there on it's guesswork as to where on the road your pizza is; the tracker is not quite GPS-enabled yet).

Though it is said that Pizza Hut is not likely to follow Domino's in the latest service, I'm sure they would have loved the publicity of coming up with the idea themselves.

What could be next for the pizza giants? Edible GPS? So you can monitor your pizza right the way through its journey to your door and the onward to the journey after it reaches you.