From Car-Made Cuisine to Precision Pizza Cutters

 - Nov 28, 2009   Updated: Jul 21 2011
Universal in its appeal, pizza is a can't-miss for feeding a large group of people. It is round, divided evenly and usually carries a consistent collection of toppings for all to enjoy. You find me a person who doesn't enjoy a big slice of pizza pie, and I will show you a person who never had a childhood.

Implications - My favorite of these pizza innovations has got to be the personalized online pizza ordering system as I can finally pick all my favorite toppings and pizza crust style without leaving the comfort of my computer chair. That's not to say I'm a lazy slob; it's just sometimes a guy has to work and doesn't have time to pick up a phone to order.

From car-made cuisine to precision pizza cutters, check out the 40 slice-worthy pizza innovations.