New York Pizza Mafia Commercials

 - Apr 5, 2008
References: adverblog
Holland ad agency Selmore didn't have any apprehension using crude language in the Damn F**king Tasty TV spots for New York Pizza.

If you've seen these commercials, you'd know not to serve Italian mafia anything but a "damn fuc**ing tasty" pizza! The series of three commercials parody the Scarface movies.

"You call this quality?" one gangster asks. "What is this, a f**king joke? You got some set of f**king balls comin' in here with this sh*t. Huh? You stupid Irish schmuck! Did you really think you'd get away from this sh*t?"

At the end, the narrated tagline isn't any less crude. "At New York Pizza we take great care when it comes to ingredients. New York Pizza? Damn f**king tasty!"

With lines like this, these aren't commercials you'd want to air between kids shows!