Difficult Branding?

 - Aug 7, 2008
References: nextnature.net
This has got be one of the most challenging packaging art directions ever. I mean, what direction do you go when the name of the pizza is UGLY?

Let's start with the brand name. Ugly Pizza is a new product by Schwan Consumer Brands that embraces the healthy trend for natural, honest food.

The packaging for Ugly Pizza embraces the same notion and ditches fake advertising which we see on most food packagings and menus. For some reason, my burger never looks as good as it does on the menu. And those microwave dinners look much more enticing on the carton.

Ugly pizza goes for a true representation of what's inside. And frankly, it's a bit scary. I don't know if the pizza looks like this inside. The cover looks as if some kids were having a food fight with the ingredients and they just landed there.

If any of you readers have tried this new product, please let us know your feedback. I like the concept of honest food, but maybe I wouldn't mind being lied to a bit: