From Fast Food Pillows to Hot Dog-Stuffed Crusts

 - May 5, 2012
There are few people who could attest to not being a fan of mowing down on the ooey-gooey gambit of pizza pie products available on the junk food market.

Social media and online ordering have aided one's ability to get a hot and steamy box of one's brand of choice delivered quickly and easily. These helpful tools store preferences and can help the junk food aficionado pinpoint their favorite brand toppings and save searching time.

Pizza hybrids are also becoming popular, combining hamburgers, hotdogs and french fries into the mix of topping options. The big spender out there has a line-up of opulent, high-priced pies to choose from that are topped with expensive items like lobster tail and caviar and run at $250 a slice.