Pizza Scissors Make Serving Your Supper Supreme

 - Jun 29, 2011
References: firebox & foolishgadgets
Not everyone has good luck using those rolling disc cutters, so for those with a taste for homemade Italian dishes, the Pizza Scissors may prove to be the ideal implement for separating each piece.

If you begin with a freshly baked flatbread, you may find that a knife tends to drag its cheesy topping with it, and by using a pair of pivoted blades above and below the crust, the dough and its dressings can be effectively severed to split the whole thing into perfect servings.

Pizza Scissors are best for cutting slices from circular dishes, as the built-in spatula provides the perfect perch for a freshly carved tasty triangle. It keeps your sliver level so that no peperoni will go sliding off the end.