- Jan 27, 2014
With the amount of fast food chains on the market, making a brand stand out from the rest can be challenging, but these peculiar pizza campaigns are showcasing how some creative outside the box techniques can easily grab a consumer's attention.

Viewers are looking for more than just product placement and simple advertisements to make an impressionable mark, which is why marketers are continuously striving to include abstract storylines and humorous themes to make a simple product or service stand out. From pizza commercials that feature zombified characters to those that include police raids and comical cartoons, these peculiar pizza campaigns will surely make an impression on viewers with their creatively unique concepts.

Showcasing how expanding marketing techniques well beyond the product itself can serve to strike a cord with viewers, these pizza campaigns will definitely have fast food aficionados craving a slice.

From Police Pizza Raid Ads to Mobster Flatbread Marketing: