Big Green Truck

If you want to give a special and chic touch to your next backyard party or wedding, dial up Big Green Truck.

The mobile company offers a great Italian catering service, complete with wood-burning oven, espresso machines and authentic gelato.

Big Green Truck is a traveling pizzeria built on the back of an antique 1946 International Harvester truck. "The wooden sides of the truck lift off to make tablesâ€"one for preparation, four for serving; a chimney gets attached, an awning slides out, and presto! There's a pizza bistro right on the spot for backyard parties, weddings or company picnics," SpringWise said.

"All pizzas are made fresh before guests' eyes using homemade dough and sauce. A wide variety of topping options include fresh vegetables roasted over the wood fire as the oven heats up. Pizzas are then served buffet-style al fresco along with salad, drinks and gelato for dessert."

I think it's a very creative business idea. Check out the web site, you could be inspired for your next party or business idea.