- Sep 26, 2008
If a sportscar is too small and impractical for you, maybe one of these awesome power-laden vehicles is more your thing. Strap yourself into a Russian MIG jet-powered fire truck, or maybe take a ride in the 'Humdinga,' an amphibious truck-boat. We've even got tips on how to drift a semi.

Perhaps the horses need a run; try out the incredibly tough-looking Rousch Technologies equine trainer. After the workout, get on board the 'Sauna Truck' to sweat it out.

Advertising on transports is a logical idea: they're huge, they travel hundreds of miles and have an audience of thousands. Check out these great ad campaigns, utilizing the size and mobility of highway rangers.

Whether hybrid or diesel, extendable or converted antiques, if it deals with a truck, it's all here.

30 Monster And Semi Truck Innovations: