Extender Elastruck

 - Dec 12, 2007
References: time4
So that trendy looking car you have is great, but what if you could have a truck bed with it on demand? Enter the Extender Elastruck, a revolutionary new design in trucks, that could be the way of the future for those looking for some occasional extra room.

The truck is designed to have over 400hp from two electric engines each driving on a set of wheels.

"When not in use, the bed retracts unobtrusively into the rear of the truck," PopSci said. "It extends by way of an electric piston up to a full-size 4x8 bed with thin-but-sturdy armored sidewalls and a structural support system that can handle the toughest terrain and the heaviest loads."

This concept would definitely be a must-have for those looking for something useful, environmental and trendy.