The Jake Hunter Crime Novel Edits are Wickedly Witty

 - Aug 16, 2011
References: joystiq
Fans of classic video games and classic mysteries will love these Jake Hunter crime novel edits. The faux fictions take real mystery book cover art and reassign hilariously clever titles and taglines to them, based on the illustrations. "Who Ate The Damn Pizza Rolls," "The Giant Detective," and "The Case of the Too-High Butt Crack" are just a few of the ridiculous new titles that poke fun at the typical drawings seen on old crime fiction covers. "Who is This Creepy Dude in the Circle" is definitely my favorite, as I have often pondered the same question when reading a Nancy Drew novel back in the day.

The Jake Hunter crime novel edits are based on a Japanese video game character, detective Jake Hunter. You don't have to be a fan of the series to enjoy these witty edits, however, as they're a treat for any mystery enthusiast.