From DIY Patterned Tapestry Crafts to Crocheted Blanket Backdrops

 - May 8, 2013
These adroitly eclectic tapestries offer a wonderful variety of colors and patters that can bring life to any room no matter what your style.

If you need to spruce up a room in your apartment but don't want to spend the day painting and can't find an artwork that is big enough, these tapestries are for you. Created on large pieces of fabric using a variety of different techniques, these eclectic tapestries are awe-inspiring and attention-grabbing. Hanging one of these works on a dull wall will instantly add color, vibrancy and texture to the darkest of rooms.

From tangled textile creations to punchy plaid bedspreads, hang one of these blankets on your wall and you'll be surprised by the amount of sophisticated elegance it brings.