The City Quilts Collection is Inspired by Glaucoma

 - Dec 12, 2011
References: hapticlab & fastcodesign
The City Quilts collection blends high-tech with handmade. A continuation of the Soft Maps created a couple of years ago, this series of comfy blankets now include six additional cities: Paris, London, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco and Washington.

Designed by Emily Fischer for Haptic Lab, the City Quilts collection was inspired by her mother's glaucoma. According to Fischer, "The idea was that a visually impaired person could use the quilts as a representational wayfinding tool, physically feeling the patterned streets with the surface of their body."

With more metropolises to come, the City Quilts collection are comprised of both pre-made and custom blankets. Available in queen bed sizes, these large scale quilts are both simple and detailed.