Serve Yourself from the Pratilha Pizza Pan with No Plates Necessary

 - Nov 4, 2011
Isn't it nice to minimize the number of dishes that need washing once dinner is over? The Pratilha Pizza Pan proposes a clever concept that is convenient all round. The very same surface on which you bake your base breaks up into individual plates precisely the size of each slice. This is a delicious design decision for two main reasons.

First of all, the under tray which supports the dial of detached triangular dishes does not become dirty. No cheese or tomato sauce should find its way onto it, and if it does, the platter would require little more than a quick wipe. The other ingenious quality of the Pratilha Pizza Pan by Hugo Silva and Joana Santos is that each salver is only as large as it needs to be so you can fit more in your dishwasher and hand-rinse more efficiently.