This Pizza-Burger Promises to Take You to Fast Food Heaven

Few everyday decisions are as high-stakes and potentially life-changing as having to choose between a burger and a pizza; Japanese fast food chain Freshness Burger knows this, and decided to combat it by offering a 'pizza-burger' so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

The pizza-burger has a classic ground meat patty, fried egg, veggies and cheese gloriously heaped on a focaccia bread crust. Covering this mouthwatering creation is a drizzle of bacon bits, cheese fragments, fried onion and a dollop of demi-glace sauce.

The pizza-burger, which can be enjoyed for 680 yen (around $6.70) and is a collaboration between Freshness Burger and Japanese theater troupe GEKIDAN EXILE. The collaboration was formed to advertise GEKIDAN EXILE's latest play

Previous creations from this unlikely alliance includes the 'Best Burger, 'Blue Impact Burger' and 'Chicken Cordon Bleu Burger,' but the new pizza-burger has to be the most epic of them all.