This Unconventional and Extra Cheesy Pizza Crust is Made Using Cheese Balls

 - Apr 13, 2015
References: dudefoods
People have been using all kinds of ingredients to make creative new crusts for pizza, from french fries to Rice Krispies cereal -- but now you can also have cheese balls pizza crust. Food blogger Nick Chipman of DudesFoods made Cheese Ball Crust Pizza following a previous innovation with burger buns.

To make pizza crust using cheese balls, you melt shredded cheddar cheese in the microwave to bind the puff-like snacks together in a circular shape. Rather than getting soggy, the puffs bind together and still produce a satisfying crunch. Then you can add your pizza toppings (Chipman stuck to the traditional pepperoni and cheese) before baking in the oven. You can even cut triangular slices into it once it's done and the crust will hold up.