Turn Your Food into Eerie Decorations with Halloween Themed Snacks

Get your grub on with scrumptious Halloween themed snacks that are ideal for children. This particular pizza uses scary white ghosts and menacing orange pumpkins to create a frighteningly delicious meal.

The decorative toppings are made out of pre-sliced orange cheddar cheese and mozzarella. Cookie cutters are used to staple out the designs of the grimacing jack o'lanterns and the wispy spirits. The trick to the pizza is that you make your dough and place all the ordinary toppings on the pizza first and then pop it into the oven. Do not add your spooky Halloween toppings until the pizza is nearly cooked. Then you take it out, put on your ghouls and pop the pie back in for 30 seconds.

To really add a kick to these Halloween themed snacks, throw on some spinach and black olives and make your pie extra saucy so that it oozes with every bite.