This Healthy Beetroot Recipe From Fork to Belly Features a Dark Red Crust

 - Mar 5, 2015
References: forktobelly
This beetroot recipe turns pizza crust an unusual color. From food blogger Courtney of Fork to Belly, the beetroot pizza is for those who crave variety in their meals but are also trying to eat healthy. In addition to containing beet, the dish also includes asparagus, goat cheese, grape tomatoes and pesto. The beet-incorporating crust isn't gluten-free, however.

If you love lots of color in your food, the beetroot recipe is the way to go. If you also need to make purple or dark red food for some reason, this is a wonderful and tasty option to go with. Courtney describes it by saying "it tastes like real pizza but with the added nutrition from the beets and it also looks really cool too."