Salvatore's Spikes a Staple Meal, Creating a Fabulous Alcoholic Pizza

 - Oct 4, 2012
References: foodbeast & incrediblethings
A restaurant in Boston, MA called Salvatore's has created a delicious marriage of a classic meal: alcoholic pizza.

The Vignola Cherry Pizza comes with prosciutto, Gorgonzola and mozzarella cheese, orange blossom honey and most importantly, Italian cherries that have been soaked in raspberry vodka. The popularity of the alcoholic pizza created major buzz and Salvatore's responded by rolling out two more "adult-only" pizzas like "Drunken Pig," which has braised pork marinated in Kahlua and "Calabria Peach," which has rum-infused peaches.

Although not included in these wild bouquets of ingredients, alcohol lovers and overachieving foodies can top the pizza off at home with some vodka tomato sauce or come up with their own signature blend of booze infused goodness. In fact, there's no rule saying you can't replace every liquid ingredient with alcohol. Or is that going too far?