The SlingsHOT Tea Cup Ensures the Teabag Doesn't Fall In

 - Feb 6, 2013
References: yankodesign
The SlingsHOT Tea Cup offers a simple and creative solution to the issue of teabags. Some might wonder, What issue? Those who ask are clearly not tea drinkers. The issue at hand is the tendency for teabags to fall into the cup in an unwelcome fashion. The slit in the handle of the SlingsHOT Tea Cup prevents that.

Designed by Samir Sufi, the SlingsHOT Tea Cup aggressively secures the teabag where it should be by encouraging people to tug it into the slit as though the cup were really a slingshot. Of course, tug too hard and the string will come off altogether. More than that, by pulling on the string in such a manner, it actually lifts the teabag into a slot to keep it out of the water completely until needed again.