Pitcher by Mac Funamizu Produces a Pitch to Denote its Capacity

 - Oct 5, 2011
References: behance.net
Making music with wineglasses is a longtime habit and hobby of many, but the tunes produced differ greatly from the sounds that Pitcher by Mac Funamizu makes. The brilliant designer has a boundless imagination and creative drive, conceiving yet again another item that no one else would have likely dreamed up.

This particular piece is a jug and thermos hybrid, conceived to keep the beverage within protected beneath an insulating cork cap. So that the drinker need not open the lid to learn the inner volume of the remaining liquid, this eccentric invention provides an alternative method.

A mallet at the base has been placed so that it can strike the receptacle and the handgrip separately. Empty, the ewer produces the same noise as the handle when struck, and the more full the Pitcher by Mac Funamizu is, the higher the comparative pitch against the mug.