Incalmi Carafes Were Designed for Their Acoustics

 - Sep 8, 2011
References: contemporarylab & designsponge
A decanter generally refers to an vessel for serving water or wine, but these Incalmi Carafes were not designed with hydration in mind. Intriguingly, the gorgeous blown glass jugs were created as part of the Domestic Soundscape Collection, a project by Chiara Onida that aims to discover and celebrate the rhythm and sounds of the home.

There are three different receptacles in the set and each one was handmade using the incalmo method of merging separate sculpted elements together. In this case, the little orange bulbs were melted into the larger transparent pieces to create endearing asymmetrical objects. When water is poured into the Contemporary Lab Incalmi Carafes, the sound of the air entering and escaping the small globes as the containers are tipped is their defining feature.