The Escargot Decanter by Reidel is Short and Sculptural

 - Mar 26, 2012
References: amazon & bookofjoe
The Escargot Decanter takes on the shape of a snail, as its name already alludes to. Curvaceous and sculptural, it is a singular shape that has not yet been seen in wine containers. Carafes are typically tall and wide. By contrast, the Escargot Decanter is short and long.

Created by Reidel, a studio known for their atypical carafe designs such as the Swan, Paloma and Black Tie wine holders, the Escargot Decanter is based on the double aeration effect. The first aeration takes place when the wine is poured into it while the second takes place when the wine is poured out it, creating "a bubbling gurgle when the air is forced though the neck of the Escargot decanter," according to Reidel.