The Measuring Carafe Aerates and Designates Three Glasses

 - Dec 2, 2011
References: sophiafong & designmuseumshop
It's more socially acceptable to indulge in no more than one 250 mL glass of wine at a time, though nobody likes to be shortchanged of his share of the bottle. This Measuring Carafe prepares the delicious fermented grape drink for consumption by exposing it to a little oxygen and visually separating the volume into three distinctive servings.

Sophia Fong designed this shapely decanter so that it may serve the above two purposes in a curious new way. When pouring the alcohol from the handmade Borosilicate flagon, one can gauge the rationed accuracy of liquid dispensed into each wineglass based on how close the meniscus lies to the cinches of the curvaceous vessel. A perhaps more intriguing feature of the Measuring Carafe is that it churns the wine as you tip it out, with the glugging sound of every opening air pocket.