The Charity:Water Carafe Provokes Contemplation of the Valuable Resource

 - Apr 13, 2013
References: bibandsola & blog.2modern
At least three good things come from the purchase a Charity:Water carafe set, and these include a beautiful beverage flask, a written reminder of the value of its contents, and the satisfaction that a portion of the cost to buy it goes to bringing clean H2O to those who need it.

Bib&Sola designed the elegant decanter with its slender and graceful silhouette. Each one is hand-blown from Murano glass by gifted craftsmen in Venice, and then sent to the United Kingdom to be engraved with the phrase "water changes everything."

It's hard for many Westerners to imagine life without a bountiful source of the precious liquid and, in some cases, without the luxuries of items like the Charity:Water carafe set. The exquisite water bottle is designed for display and to function as a constant humbling reminder of one's good fortune.