Herald Urena Modernizes the Classic Glass Growler

 - May 14, 2013
References: coroflot & core77
Having a glass growler is considered somewhat obsolete nowadays, mostly because a lot of pubs and bars frown upon bringing beverage containers in their facilities. Herald UreƱa's growler is an update to the classic take-out American beer container. Named 'LOHOCLA,' which is alcohol in backwards, the modernized growler has been made to accommodate the social nature of alcohol consumption.

It's been shaped to act as a decanter and as a pitcher, unlike previous versions. The top of the growler has been made wider to allow for easier cleaning and better pouring. The inside of the growler now screws inside to appeal to the more environmentally conscious alcohol drinkers. The size of the growler is smaller compared to previous versions, but that shouldn't be a hindrance to good old-fashion debauchery.