- Feb 13, 2015
These beer flavor innovations range from boozy bread recipes to anti-aging brews that challenge common conceptions about alcohol and its health benefits. From unexpected barley concoctions to alcohol-infused recipes, beer flavors and scents are becoming more elaborate and commonly used in a variety of industries.

Standouts from this list include The Stinky Candle Co's beer-scented candles. Unlike the traditional ocean breeze or floral scent, these candles will fill your home with the smell of wheat and hops.

Other favorites include beer-battered burgers, beer-infused brownies and other fast food indulgences that will satisfy those hard-to-beat cravings. Dedicated beer drinkers will fall in love with these beer flavor innovations and are sure to embrace the many products that their favorite brew has inspired.

From Boozy Brunch Bread to Anti-Aging Bottled Brews: