The Rough Tough Gentleman's Dish is a Guinness and Steak Lover's Dream

 - Oct 8, 2012
For the meat lovers in your friend and family circle, serve this Rough Tough Gentleman's Guinness and steak pie. The combination of the rich, frothy Guinness and the juicy, savoury steak make a match made in heaven. Ingredients include a variety of vegetables (from carrots, mushrooms and onions), cheddar cheese, beef brisket, one can of Guinness and flour.

Combine all vegetables into a pot with beef brisket and Guinness; let it come to a boil and proceed with letting it simmer for a few minutes. Prepare the crust by combining eggs, flour and butter. Beat together then form dough into pan and trim off the edges. Put Guinness and steak mixture into pan with crust and add cheese and top layer of dough. Bake for 50 mins at 340 F and enjoy with a side of fresh peas and a pint of beer.