From Meaty Breakfast Bruschettas to Chicken-Fried Steak Bites

 - May 7, 2015
These hybrid steak recipes range from meaty breakfast bruschettas to chicken-fried steak bites that are the perfect cocktail party snack. As more consumers embrace a meat-free lifestyle, carnivores are looking for new ways to indulge in traditional meals. While a traditional steak dinner never goes out of style, these hybrid steak recipes push the meat dish to new heights.

They range from Mexican-inspired tacos to green chimichurri steaks that borrow from Argentinian cuisine. Other favorites include dessert steak pops and DIY gourmet meats that are cured and marinated at home. Whether appealing to extreme foodies with an over-indulgent appetite or finding healthier alternative to the classic steak dinner, food bloggers are constantly experimenting with one of America's most beloved meat menu items.