This Teriyaki Steak Recipe is Inspired By Legendary Chef James Beard

 - May 7, 2015
References: wsj
The James Beard teriyaki steak honors the legacy of the legendary American chef and food writer of the same name. Beard's recipes focused on using fresh and simple ingredients to extract maximum flavor. This recipe pays tribute to his philosophy.

Prepare the marinade by mixing soy sauce, sherry, oil, garlic, orange zest and ginger in a sealable plastic bag. Then add the steak, ensuring that it's covered by the mixture. Ideally, you'd want to marinate this overnight so the flavors well and truly seep in, although marinating for a few hours will work too.

To cook this teriyaki steak, heat a grill pan until very hot and cook for a few minutes, turning once or twice. The end result is a steak with identifiable flavors