- Jun 28, 2015
The June 2015 products consist not just of recipes and menu items, but innovation in the restaurant and food service industry.

There is an interesting contrast represented, with lots of eco-conscious, meatless and otherwise sustainable options on one hand, with a surplus of beef items on the other. Commercial beef production is known to cause significant carbon emissions, but it is being used in a variety of dishes, from ribeye melt lunches at Outback Steakhouse to exclusive steak wraps at McDonald's Australia locations.

In June 2015 food restaurant design, people are incorporating unusual themes and experiential elements including prison, aviation and apartment mimicry. Businesses are also changing up the old rule that you can't bring food or drink inside stores. Increasingly retail spaces are introducing coffee-type spots, as evidenced with branded menswear cafes and iconic department store cafes.

From Meatless Imitation Meals to Kaleidoscopic Cafe Interiors: