Designer Baking by Studio Lav Decorates Pastries with Fashionable Patterns

 - May 16, 2015
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Studio Lav has created a collection of cookie stamps that bring a fashionable twist to classic pastries. Dubbed Designer Baking, the studio writes, "The iconic fabric patterns Pied de Poule and Tweed Herringbone take centre stage transforming your bread, cookies and pies into small "haute couture" baking marvels." Since baking has become more of a fad thanks to blogs as well as Pinterest and Instagram accounts, it's only natural people would want cookie stamps that take their kitchen endeavors to the next level.

Whether used for personal use or to create a tasty treat for friends and family, the cookie stamps are a fun way to elevate the baking process without needing to exert too much effort. The design of the cookie stamps are also stylish.