A Creative Cake Website Lets Users Test Ingredients by Drag and Drop

 - Apr 30, 2015
References: minon.tr
Harmonizing flavors and executing fine presentation are skills that underline the art of baking––an art that is celebrated beautifully in the design of this cake website. Minon offers a selection of delectable desserts that are made to order, and the consumer is invited to feel involved in the production process too.

The minimalist landing page of the Minon Cake website displays a scrumptious-looking loaf that's awaiting your preferred flavor. Instructions ask you to drag and drop ingredients such as pistachios, chocolate chips, espresso and carrots. Once you do this, a pink cloud appears and then vanishes to reveal your finished confection. The interactive aspect of this spectacular site fosters a delightful and memorable experience that will leave customers wanting another slice.