KFC's Paper Fast Food Tray Doubles as a Wireless Keyboard for Greasy Fingers

 - May 9, 2015
References: vimeo & creativecriminals
Since the task of trying to use a mobile phone while eating "finger-lickin' good" chicken sounds messy, KFC devised a special fast food tray to satisfy a customer's need to do both at once.

This invention takes the form of the Tray Typer, which might just seem like any other paper slip that goes on top of a fast food tray. However, this ultra thin, yet durable paper tray actually serves as a rechargeable wireless keyboard when a nearby smartphone's Bluetooth feature is activated. This way, rather than getting a touchscreen greasy with fingerprints, it's possible to use this tray to type and eat at the same time.

Before the Tray Typer, you'd never imagine any use for taking home the paper that sits on a fast food tray, but this turns what would be trash into a useful object.