This Eco Infographic Offers Tips on Making Fresh Food Last Longer

 - May 13, 2015
References: poundstopocket & designtaxi
If you find yourself often throwing out food because you couldn't eat it before it went bad, this guide offers helpful tips on making fresh food last longer. From UK money website Pounds to Pocket, the infographic 'How to Make Fresh Food Last Longer' helps you reduce food waste in your home. This is a pressing issue given approximately 1.2 billion tonnes of food is wasted every year and 30% to 50% of all food produced around the world is lost before being consumed.

The chart on making fresh food last includes recommendations such as preserving berries in vinegar, storing potatoes and onions separately, wrapping leafy greens, not storing eggs in the refrigerator door, keeping cheese in a cardboard container or with salad, storing mushrooms in bags and not refrigerating tomatoes.