From Citrusy Guacamole Recipes to Elegant Concept Restaurants

 - Mar 28, 2015
In the winter, people are more likely to stay indoors than brave the cold, which is definitely reflected in these March 2015 food ideas. It may or may not be a case of cabin fever, but people are more creative than ever when it comes to combining different dishes. We have reached peak mash-up in the kitchen.

March 2015 food ideas indicate people are continuing to make unconventional food hybrids. This can be seen with spaghetti-topped cakes, bacon weave pasta pies, mini pizza muffins, cheesy pulled pork creations and pot pie poutines. With an emphasis on sharing, the mash-up can also be found in sweet dessert options such as pudding-covered popcorn and cookie-stuffed cupcakes.

In addition to lots of hot food items, chocolate is becoming an increasingly popular ingredient with Easter coming up soon.