Faux Foraging by James Tolich is a Photo Essay Dedicated to Irony

 - Feb 23, 2015
References: jamestolich & trendland
'Faux Foraging' by James Tolich captures the irony behind the differences of the hunting of wild resources. In this case, James Tolich pokes lightly at grocery stores and society's faux foraging ways.

Tolich notes, "There are many words that can be chosen to explain a field trip into the countryside to gather fresh produce, but the term forage is so overused it is almost impossible to snip some fresh basil from your windowsill garden without exclaiming it was foraged. This photo essay is dedicated to exploring of the irony of foraging."

Although the sport of foraging for wild mushrooms is popular amongst Eastern Europe, the idea of picking from one's garden is a totally different concept. As fresh produce becomes increasingly popular, the idea of foraging becomes more appealing. Tolich touches on the difference between foraging and its fake counterpart.