- Apr 11, 2015
These March 2015 lifestyle trends range from sentimental senior portraits to gallery-themed restaurants that will appeal to the artistic foodie. When examining the fast food market, hybrid recipes like breakfast waffle nachos and savory donut sandwiches mix unexpected flavor pairings. In addition to surprising ingredient blends, sarcastic cookies and heart-shaped pizzas prove that fast food is not only becoming more caloric but also more creative.

While millennials have been a desired demographic for most brands in recent years, a shift toward the senior market is present in these March 2015 lifestyle trends. From easy-to-open snack packaging to elderly portraits that are romantic in their nature, society is embracing age and the wisdom that comes with it.

In addition to food and marketing examples, health and fitness innovations like cannibis-enhanced yoga sessions and gamified spin classes are changing the way most individuals experience a traditional workout.

From Aging Romance Portraits to Art Gallery Eateries: