The Oxseagen Yacht Features a Windowed Midsection for Great Ocean Views

 - Feb 18, 2015
References: hwangstefan & tuvie
Unlike the conventional design of a yacht, this glass sailboat offers expansive views that go beyond the narrow portholes to which seafaring travellers have grown accustomed. The bow of the boat has been treated to a slick and feature-free surface, but the generous compensation is in more than a third of the length of the vessel that's enclosed by curving windows.

Sunlight and the water's reflections flood into the interior of the hull, giving Hwang Tzy-Lung Stefan's luxury yacht a truly open atmosphere. It only makes sense that sailors be able to see the liquid landscape around them, and the setup of this glass sailboat presents great panoramas of the ocean's horizon. The Oxseagen yacht may actually reduce the tendency towards seasickness by bringing visible context to that uncomfortable swaying feeling.