This Snickers Ad is Inspired by the Brand's Successful Commercials

 - Feb 11, 2015
References: snickers & adeevee
Inspired by the brand's successful commercials, this Snickers ad shows how a swimsuit model is not herself when she's hungry. Instead of being all sweet and sexy, she channels her inner Medusa for a scary look that will frighten men rather than seduce them to pick up a copy of Sports Illustrated. It's even been renamed 'Sports Irritated.'

Clever and creative, the Snickers ad was executed by New York-based ad agency BBDO. It takes a successful campaign and introduces it in another form for those who are already fans of both the chocolate bar and its commercials. The Snickers ad is proof that when some things are done well and staying strong, there's no reason to make a change -- just yet, at least. Not to mention that it focuses on a timely subject: Photoshopped models.