Fire Dragon is a Solid Fuel That Lights Up Even When Wet

 - Feb 19, 2015
References: kickstarter & gizmag
Fire Dragon is a fire-starting material that allows you to start a fire in the wettest and most inhospitable conditions. What's more, the material is extremely versatile and eco-friendly, so you can start a fire when out camping without impacting your surrounding environment.

Designed by BCB International in collaboration with Cardiff University, Fire Dragon is the result of a project which sought to create a solid fuel with cleaner burn and more reliable performance than existing solid fuels. The result is an ethanol-based biofuel that burns cleanly and odorlessly without provoking harmful fumes.

Fire Dragon is extremely easy to light up, as all you have to do is pop one of the tabs into a fire pit or cooking device and apply a spark or match -- it lights up easily even when wet.

While the eco-friendly features are a welcome bonus, this material does its primary job -- lighting up -- well.