The Iron You's Healthy Fries Are Made with Avocado and Coconut

 - May 9, 2015
References: theironyou
Vegetables like yams, carrots, daikon, jicama and zucchini are easily cut up into long rectangular shapes that are perfect for making healthy fry alternatives, but avocado fries are another unexpected option.

While a lot of avocado french fry recipes are typically made with a crust of breadcrumbs, this one pushes clean eating even further by using shredded coconut in in place of this ingredient. Although it's probably satisfying enough to bite into the fries and find that they're crispy on the outside, but soft and buttery on the inside, the recipe kicks it up a notch by serving them with a Sriracha mayonnaise.

Since the fries are baked rather than deep-fried, this is a recipe that's packed with flavor as well as pretty good for you too.